Founder , CEO & Chairman board of directors

To be preemptive in the good deeds, brotherhood, cooperation & compassion among our communities are sources for inner feelings of safety & peace to the individuals, besides the great grace of Almighty Allah.

One of those wonderful images that embodies the assistance & interdependence between people is feeling each other in their needs, not only that but seeking whenever available to relief him from that hardship.

Giving that the charitable and humanitarian work institutions in the state are in accordance with the procedures and standards organized by the competent authorities ,paying them attention day by day to make the utmost to excel in good and tender.

The charity work is a educational trait stemming from the teachings of our Islamic religion, and the individuals’ faith of their role’s importance in the society, the need to them by the others and their sense of responsibility.

The voluntary work integrates with the charity work to achieve many of these good meanings.

We all have to remember that all of us have to afford our humanitarian responsibilities, and we all are able to do charitable works& kind deeds, not only by helping the others financially, but it can be with just a smile when you meet them every day, and every moment, you can dogoodness and charity. Thus, be sure to make your life goes with influences of benefits you do to others that make changes in their lives.