Family Support Project (FSP)

The Family Support Project offers a full approach to working with families that are struggling to overcome the effects of living with drug or alcohol misuse or mental illness. The project provides time limited support to enable both the adults and young people in these vulnerable families to improve their wellbeing and reach their full potential.
Purpose of the Family Support Project:
To support young careers aged 6-25 years old and their families that are at risk of achieving poor outcomes through a parent/significant adult’s substance misuse and/or mental illness
 – To lower barriers into treatment for the parent/adult within the family
 – To maximize the opportunity for young careers to achieve positive outcomes and minimize their caring role
 – To actively promote a whole family ethos for young carers.

We offer the following support to young careers and their families:
• Supporting the young careers into mainstream Young Careers services including the mental health awareness support group ‘Fused’
• School support
• Someone to talk to who understands
• Help families break down their barriers into treatment by providing practical support in arranging and attending initial appointments
• Information, advice and linking families with relevant services to meet their individual needs
All families will be listened to and taken seriously, respected and encouraged in a client focused way to maximize opportunities and achieve positive outcomes.