Mosque construction

The poverty-stricken villages we serve are in desperate need of mosques. HIDA –UGANDA has established support over 10 mosques but hundreds of villages are still without a secure place to pray. Villagers are often exposed to harsh weather conditions during prayer and community gatherings due to the lack of sheltered prayer facilities. The construction of an average sized mosque would host approximately 300 villagers inside and 200 outside on Fridays.
Depending on size, location and included amenities, construction costs $15000.00 – $20000.00 AUD. You can change the lives of entire villages by sponsoring the construction of a mosque. A school for orphans and children can be built as part of the mosque for an additional $5000.00 AUD.
Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) will build for them a mosque in paradise.